If you do not store any critical data on your computer and require just minimal protection, a free version of software, or a free trial may be sufficient. What is considered to be a critical data? Information pertaining to your Identity, banking information, business information – including client and service vendor data you store – anything that can result in damages (think legal damages), when compromised. In addition, while you may not have some legally critical data on your computer, you may have some personal data that, if destroyed, cannot be replaced, or can be subject to other damages, if it is accessed by unauthorized parties. For example, if you store volumes of data  such as photos, artwork files, or written documents that are personally important to you. If you do have critically important data on your personal computer, or if you are running a business and have to maintain the integrity of your computer network while ensuring your business data security and federal regulations compliance is in place (especially relevant to Healthcare and Medical Practices and Law Firms Computer Networks), you may want to step up to the next level of protection, and call the big guns to do the job – and professional solutions are typically available for a fee. Make a judgement on what type of protection you need – if in doubt, consult with your trusted IT solution provider, and get ready to make some choices.