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Our experts are here to provide comprehensive consulting solutions for your cloud environment.

Grow your business with confidence

At GTG Networks we want to help your business grow. Our cloud services enable you to scale with confidence, and our 24/7/365 monitoring services ensures that your data is always there when you need it.

keep your data safe in the cloud

We receive alerts in real time of successful and failed backups and can scale a backup solution to meet the demands of your business. When damage or disaster strikes you can quickly restore your data to the location of your choosing.

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Cloud Security

Just as you would use multi-factor authentication to keep your account information safe, data stored on the cloud is protected by multiple layers of security to ensure that while your information is in a virtual database, it is still effectively protected.

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Transferring your programs and data to cloud services is not an easy transition to take on alone, but we can help you with a seamless migration. With the right technological foundation, you can improve your business development and production.

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Reliable Storage

Using cloud services frees you from the restrictions of on-location servers. It also allows you to manage your team efficiently and accomplish more without having to increase your workforce. Not only is the cloud unrestricted by physical server space, but it implements vertical as well as horizontal scaling, so you can have augmented speed and memory without having to buy more hardware.

With predictive tools and analytics, we can help you troubleshoot for any potential hitches down the road to plan for additional capacity as your business requires.

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Data Backups

With cloud backups, if your hardware fails on you, your data is securely stored on the cloud. You can rest assured that no flood, hurricane, or coffee spill will impede your productivity. And with the help of virtualization services, in just hours you can have your IT infrastructure replicated and recovered for minimal interruption of your business.

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Affordable Cost

Cloud solutions save you the cost of physical servers and maintenance. They allow for short-term payments to give you the flexibility of scalable options within a reasonable timeframe. GTG can help you find the best solution for your business to cut down on expenditure waste and improve the quality of your investment.

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Why Choose GTG Networks?

Here at GTG Networks, we believe our service stands out from the rest. We have never lost a client due to poor service because we make our customer satisfaction our first priority. But you don’t have to take our word for it; our customers can attest that when you partner with us, your satisfaction is our first priority.

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