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Stay a step ahead of evolving cyber threats with our wide range of security solutions and comprehensive risk assessments.

Build Your Cyber Resilience While Being Sure Any Threats Are Contained

Our dedicated team monitors your network so we can detect and remediate security risks before they cause damage.

Why choose GTG Networks for cybersecurity?

  • Enhance your security posture with expert advice from our cyber consulting services
  • Resolve most IT issues in 30 minutes or less when you talk to a member of our team
  • Focus entirely on your day-to-day while we effectively manage every aspect of your cybersecurity defenses
  • Minimize the impact of any data breach with our proven, established disaster recovery strategies
  • Hear back from our team in 15 minutes or less on average when you contact us for help

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Cybersecurity Services in Boca Raton, Florida

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You Know You Need Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Be sure that all your bases are covered by asking our experts what that looks like.

How Your Business Benefits From Information Security


Consistently Reduce Operational Disruptions

Facing unexpected downtime due to cybersecurity issues can halt your business operations, leading to lost time and productivity. This problem both disrupts your workflow and puts critical data at risk.

GTG Networks specializes in proactively identifying and resolving cybersecurity threats before they impact your business.

Our approach ensures your operations run smoothly without the fear of unexpected interruptions. We’ll protect your digital environment, so you and your team can all stay focused on what you do best.

Cybersecurity Services in Boca Raton, FL

Prevent Phishy Emails From Causing Damage

90% of all cyber attacks start with a phishing email. These deceptive messages can lead to compromised data and financial loss, putting your business at risk.

GTG Networks offers robust spam filter programs that effectively analyze and block phishing content before it reaches your inbox.

Our solutions cut down on incoming spam, significantly reducing the risk of phishing attacks that could harm your organization.

We can also provide cyber awareness training to help your employees spot suspicious emails before they open them.

Cybersecurity Services in Boca Raton, Florida

Stay Safe & Stay Competitive With Consistent Tech Updates

Keeping your software updated is crucial. Outdated software can be a gateway for cybercriminals to exploit your business. This leaves your network vulnerable to attacks.

GTG Networks ensures your software is always up to date, shielding your business from the evolving threats that cybercriminals use.

By managing updates and patches for your wide range of software tools, we prevent vulnerabilities and keep your operations secure.

With our help, your business not only enjoys enhanced cybersecurity but also gains a competitive advantage through the use of the latest technology.

How We’ll Protect You From Cyber Attacks

Take Cybersecurity Off Your Plate—with Complete Confidence

Managing cybersecurity often falls on the shoulders of small business owners. This is usually the result of budget or resource constraints.

However, this responsibility can distract from core business activities and can be overwhelming without specialized training.

With GTG Networks, you can alleviate this burden with confidence. Our managed cybersecurity services allow you to offload this critical yet complex task to an expert team with over 50 years of combined technology experience.

Don’t Give Cyber Threats Anywhere to Hide

Cyber threats often lurk unnoticed in the hidden corners of your network. Detecting these threats in real time is crucial but challenging, especially without the right expertise and tools.

When you partner with GTG Networks, you gain access to the right expertise and tools.

Our managed detection and response services incorporate advanced threat detection techniques to identify and contain threats swiftly.

Trust our technology to be on constant guard and our experts to respond.

Be Proactive with Your Cybersecurity Measures

Only 48% of survey respondents indicated that their vendors required a cybersecurity risk assessment. This oversight can leave vulnerabilities undiscovered and exposed.

GTG Networks stands out by offering our clients in-depth assessments. Working closely with our clients, we identify potential vulnerabilities and implement strategies to mitigate these risks.

Working with us boosts your defense and shows you’re serious about protecting customer data.

We Pinpoint Harmful Malware & Put a Stop to It

Malware is challenging to manage with just standalone antivirus software. That’s because it often leaves gaps in protection that make effective defense difficult to maintain.

GTG Networks enhances your security with our managed antivirus solution. We install top-tier antivirus protection on your devices and conduct regular checks to catch any issues early.

Centralizing your protection with us means faster response times and simpler management, ensuring that malware finds no foothold.

Frequently Asked Questions

GTG Networks can assist you with mobile device security. Our mobile device management services are essential for businesses relying on smartphones and tablets.

We offer robust security policies, encryption, and remote management to protect your data from unauthorized access, theft, or loss.

Ensuring the security of your mobile workforce is crucial, and our services provide the necessary protection against evolving cyber threats.

GTG Networks offers cyber awareness training for employees. We focus on elevating IT security awareness within organizations through comprehensive training.

Our programs cover essential cybersecurity topics, including phishing attacks, mobile device security, and remote work security, among others.

This training is designed to equip your employees with the knowledge and tools they need to recognize and respond to cyber threats effectively.

GTG Networks can help you uphold compliance in your security standards. Our team can evaluate your systems to identify any areas that require changes to meet compliance standards.

We then assist in implementing these changes. Our experience spans a wide range of industries, allowing us to provide expert guidance on various standards, including:

  • ABA
  • NIST
  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Zero trust security is a cybersecurity strategy that operates on the principle “never trust, always verify.” Zero trust treats all users, devices, and network traffic as potential threats and requires verification before granting access.

By verifying everything trying to connect to an organization’s systems before access is allowed, Zero trust minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is an advanced security system that goes beyond traditional firewalls by incorporating additional features.

These features include:

  • Application awareness
  • Integrated intrusion prevention
  • Cloud-delivered threat intelligence

It inspects traffic more thoroughly, using criteria such as application type, user identity, and content.

This approach allows for detailed security policies and enables specific blocking or allowing of traffic based on application behavior.