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Managed IT Services for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Organizations are increasing their collaboration with managed IT services providers (MSPs) like GTG Networks to help find ways to enhance efficiency and reporting capabilities and metrics. Partnering with an MSP also provides a team of certified experts skilled in planning, remediating, or installing technology in healthcare facilities.

Aiding much of the infrastructure of many healthcare systems and covering a lot of internal processes as well as back-end requirements, MSPs are almost a filtration system.

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Healthcare IT support & solutions
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MSPs operate in a few ways that are designed to assist, and they can most commonly be categorized in four ways:

These four services constitute most infrastructural needs of companies and scalable solutions for various operations.

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Especially with the advent of technology expansion, almost every company in every field requires IT functionality.

MSPs as a managed IT service which focuses on healthcare is especially pertinent to field and company success, as these services are designed from the get-go to center around healthcare field technologies, record keeping, IT systems, and some hardware technology help.

With managed IT services generated specifically for the healthcare industry backing up a practice, many who employ these services find multiple IT burdens being lifted and expertly attended to.

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IT services for healthcare organizations


Often considered a subset, or even its own category of service, security measures from a managed IT service provider are in the know about all the ways data storage can go wrong, including data corruption or breaches.

When it comes to maintaining PHI (protected health information), preventing data loss, securely increasing ROI, and assessing cybersecurity threats, most IT experts are able to swiftly navigate through the waters of IT management while also helping develop your team of employees into security-aware assets for your company.

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Managed IT services are aware of compliance regulations across the board, and MSPs specifically are designed to float their company’s compliance sectors, most notably with HIPAA regulations, and with passing MU audits.

GTG Networks can help discover the gaps within your network. Non-compliance with HIPAA and HITECH can have long-term effects on healthcare organizations. Our audits are geared towards exposing vulnerabilities and actioning these items to ensure your security sectors are covered.

Among many other benefits. Because MSPs are associates on your team, they are also often required to maintain compliance, and are often held liable to regulatory offices.

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IT services for medical organizations


In the era of the cloud, many practices see immediate gains shortly after data migration. This transfer is a large step with even larger dividends, but when done incorrectly, can cause massive productivity back-logging and data bottlenecks.

Ensuring that your healthcare company is being set up to win in a way that doesn’t jeopardize files, cause confusion, or wastes time with outdated hardware and software is paramount to success. MSPs know how to navigate these potential pitfalls.

It’s also important to find IT solutions that fit your company. Managed services providers are known for their widespread scalability and flexible options.

While this list is not exhaustive, and various entities offer different features, finding that MSPs ultimately serve to expand and increase a company while “plugging in the problem holes,” is the first step to choosing how you want your practice to upgrade!

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