Law firms rely on efficiency and security in every aspect of their job. For a law firm, the most crucial aspect of their operation is to comply with the law in a timely manner that corresponds with court dates and other pressing issues. 

In addition, many law firms are increasing their online presence, and using more online resources, which increases their exposure to cybercrime. When handling such sensitive data, a law firm must be especially cautious about the accessibility of their information online.

Some law firms in the USA currently work almost exclusively online. With the previous issues in mind, this calls for a comprehensive, state of the art online IT system that both protects the firm’s documentation, and increases its productivity.

In this article you will find all you need to know about how a law firm can benefit from a managed service provider. Let’s get started with the question: what is an MSP?

What Is an MSP?

A managed service provider (MSP), is an IT provider that comprehensively manages and organizes clients’ online operations. This includes improving cyber security, 24-hour troubleshooting, constant online and telephone support, managing email services, backing up data, processing files, and improving VPN speed in and out of the office. MSPs are widely used by companies across industries to help bolster IT support, training, and to strategize future projections affected by IT.

What Can MSPs Do for a Law Firm?

Let’s take a look at four crucial operational elements of the average law firm that an MSP could improve. All law firms, big and small, can benefit from a managed service provider for the following reasons…

  1. MSPs Help Cut Costs

Instead of hiring full-time, in-house IT support staff, a law firm can register with a managed service provider for a fixed monthly cost, have their IT operations consistently taken care of, and have their issues as quickly as possible. This requires fewer in-house costs, and helps a law firm run as smoothly as possible. 

Particularly for smaller to medium-level businesses who cannot afford huge IT teams to operate in-house, MSPs are an ideal solution. The cost-effectiveness of managed service providers for law firms is unparalleled when compared to expensive IT staffing options.

  1. Productivity Is Improved

Managed cloud services can vastly improve the efficiency of a law firm’s online processes. This is because managed cloud services can instantly use their advanced network of team members and software to resolve issues in minutes. Law firms work in highly time-sensitive environments, meaning that any delay in sorting out a minor or major issue costs, and causes stress for their clients. An MSP can help uphold the good reputation of a law firm by providing unfailing efficiency in VPN speed, access from multiple devices and much more.

  1. Sensitivity and Compliance

Of course, law firms record and produce sensitive documents that require reliable online security and compliance at all times. When choosing a managed service provider, a law firm should choose a managed service provider that prioritizes sensitivity and compliance by backing up all files while maintaining the firm’s online operations protected by advanced cybersecurity software. 

MSPs install and reinforce security measures across all devices connected to the business, such as multi-factor authentication for heightened security against any potential attacks. They specialize in preventing IT issues, as well as solving them. 

Law firms need extra caution and controlled monitoring of their online operations, and an MSP can provide these preventative measures to help prevent a security breach. If a breach does occur, a managed service provider can efficiently solve the problem and reinforce security measures.

  1. Mobility

Not only are legal proceedings time-sensitive, but they are also often mobile. Lawyers and legal assistants travel to different courts, offices and other locations almost daily, which requires access to files anywhere, and at any time. MSPs provide the network necessary for reliable remote working, enabling lawyers to access legal documents online from any location with an internet connection. 

Mobility is an essential facet of modern legal proceedings, making MSPs the perfect solution for lawyers to access documents remotely, and safely. Choosing a managed service provider for a law firm takes research, as not every MSP holds the right certification or has the right experience for the legal industry. Use this helpful guide to inform your choices and help you prioritize your options based on your firm’s individual online needs.