There are a number of uses for cloud computing; it helps provide access to a range of business data, as well as applications anywhere and at any time, on any approved device. The balance of cost between cloud computing and in-house servers leans in favor of cloud computing when you factor in the accessibility and versatility for the service versus using in-house servers. 

If cloud computing isn’t something your business is currently using, then it’s worth looking into. Having the right managed cloud services team to consult with is what will help you know what type of service is the best fit for your business. They can not only help you save time and money, but also improve the flexibility of the business.

Reduce the Cost of Hiring Staff

With cloud computing your processes will be better streamlined, and with the help of an MSP you won’t have the need for a large IT team, which eases small businesses. Rather than employ a single IT technician or in-house team for the job, you have access to a team of specialists to update and install software, manage servers, and run backups. 

Save Space on Hardware  

With cloud computing, you save time on updating and maintaining your own servers, as you host all of your business data in the cloud securely, and free up more space on your hardware. 

With sensitive business data, you can work with your MSP to ensure that access is controlled and secure. With the saved hardware space, your devices and network will also run much more efficiently.

Save the Business Time

Cloud computing and its applications are things that are updated regularly. As a result, you won’t need to spend a lot of time, effort, and money, having to do it yourself. And, as previously mentioned, the freed space on your hard drive will allow your systems to work more efficiently. And in the event disaster strikes and backup is required, you still have access to your data which is held off-site on the cloud.

Improve System Hardware

A number of demands take up space on computers which is the nature of having a small business. Managed cloud services frees up your own space, improves your systems, which can be vital for small businesses. All of the data will be stored on the managed cloud service provider’s servers, and kept safe and secure on those servers.

In a business survey, 60% of the businesses said that their IT services plan to be hosted off-site over the coming years, evidence of the drive towards online servers to better facilitate growth and flexibility. Not to mention the easier installation and maintenance that comes from hosting your server online. 

Cloud computing reduces the cost of hardware and software, alleviates you from the worry of running out of space, and with an MSP to help out, you can trust it in care of experts in the industry, which allows you to focus on the other areas of your business.

If you have any questions about managed cloud services, and how it can help your business, you can get in touch with GTG Networks for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.